Indiana Introductions

Use this thread for Indiana folks to introduce themselves to other fellow Hoosiers

Jason Powell
TechOps/DataOps Director
Granger Community Church
Granger, IN … South Bend, IN area
We’re running 4xxx weekend attendance across 2 campuses.

Aaron Sudduth
IT Volunteer (You know, if it has a wire coming out of it?)
Stones Crossing Church
Greenwood, IN

Otherwise, I’m a [Windows Server] System Administrator for Indiana University… PowerShell, Hyper-V, storage, IIS, SQL, and stuff like that.

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I’m not sure if you meant REAL Indiana folks or transplants. :slight_smile:
I was born in Fort Wayne, grew up in Indianapolis, Graduated HS in Bloomington.

Churches during that time:
Southwest Church of Christ (Fort Wayne), Castleton Christian Church (Indianapolis), Sherwood Oaks Christian Church (Bloomington).

David Coons
Church Community Builder
NOW in Colorado Springs, CO

Mostly what he said… but Systems Engineer (IT and MinistryPlatform stuffs)

Jason Sparks
Director of Technology
Sojourn Community Church
Louisville, KY/New Albany, IN
4,500-ish between 4 campuses

Stephanie Johnson
IT Director
College Park Church,
4xxx on Sunday mornings across 2 campuses

David Szpunar
VP, Technical Services
PC Help Services /
Small business and church IT
consulting in central Indiana
Also attendee and IT volunteer at
Grace Missionary Church in Camby, IN

Jason Shaw
IT Director
Northview Church,
~8500, soon to be 7 campi
It was great to meet everyone at CITN
You are amazing people and I’m so proud to be part of IT for Christ!

1 Like was great to meet you last week! Hopefully we can get down to visit sometime.

It would be great to have you visit. We’ll have a special VIP tour just for you and GCC crew. Then we’ll have the best burgers I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something!

Ed Buford
Systems Engineer for Mirazon
Granger Indiana - South Bend Indiana Area.
“old exchange guy”

just curious… where are these “best burgers”?

I feel Flamme Burger on 96th Street in Fishers. They are currently one of a kind and may open a second location in 2017.

Jonathan Smith
Director of Technology
Faith Ministries
Lafayette, IN
2xxx weekend attendance across 2 campuses
I like rockets.

Jarrod Wiseley
Currently job hunting

After 19 years of employment with the Wesleyan Church HQ in Fishers, IN, they outsourced all IT functions so my position was dissolved.

Any job tips in a\the church/Christian IT arena would be appreciated. You can reference my LinkedIN profile.

Attend Post Road Christian Church on the East side of Indianapolis.