If you use Livestream.com did you have issues last Sunday?

We use Livestream.com and typically do not have any issues. But last Sunday (Aug 23rd) we had a lot of issues it stopped working for about for 5 minutes. This happened twice.

Did any of you also have a problem last Sunday?

The person at the church who runs the LiveStream.com system said it reported low bandwidth most of the service. This seemed strange to me because when I looked at our Firewall reports it is capable of doing 150Mb/s but I can see during the service it was running approx 2.5 to 3Mb/s until it went to zero during the outage.


Last Sunday we had a 1 second audio delay on Livestream/Vimeo. Fortunately our internally recorded copy did not have this and I was able to replace it later in the day for those who did not catch it live.