I need help setting up an audio system for my little church

Hi there, I already posted a while ago about issues with streaming the sunday service and we solved the problem simply buying a samson meteor usb mic.

At the time we were thinking on setting up a sound system but still to this day we haven’t had the financial availability to do so…

In the last month however there have been some donations to make this big dream come true so i would like some confirmations and advices.

We are a very small church in Italy (50 people) and our location isn’t that big so we are not willing to spend more than 900-1000€.

My intention was to buy this:

-Mixer: Mackie ProFx12v3
-Speakers: Alto TX310 (pair)
-Microphone for podium: Shure sm57 with a2ws pop filter and mout it with a gooseneck from gravity
-XLR and jack cables
-Proel kp560 supports to hang the speakers to the wall

Do you have any suggestions or improvements?
Note that we would use this setup to connect
-Electric Drum set
-Acoustic Guitar
-Podium mic
-Bass guitar
-we have no designated singers so no singer mics.

At last my question is: how should i connect the guitar to the mixer? simple jack cable? d.i. box? jack to xlr cable?
Considering that the mixer will be positioned at the front so the cable won’t be more than 10m (32ft) long.

i attached a photo of our little church to let you judge better: IMG_0473.jpg | Files.fm.