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My HR manager came to me today and asked if i could poke around and get feedback about some HR solutions. We are currently looking at Paycor, ADP, and Paycom. Anyone have any positive or negative feedback or know if any of them are easy to get info back and forth to MP if needed?

We use ADP at our church. As far as I know, they have a great reputation and have always been helpful when our finance person has questions.

We had ADP some time ago, and had issues. And we’ve just left Paycor due to many time management and check issues. We’ve moved to Paycom, and so-far-so-good!.

We are in the UK and use BreatheHR (a commercial solution) here, which is fine for where we are at just now and we are getting good response from the developers despite our charitable status and the need for some ‘tweaking’.

We have also reviewed BambooHR, which is absolutely stunning, highly customisable and adaptable, but sadly too far outside our budget constraints.

We Currently use ADP. We also used Paycom for about 6 months. Their sales team was great, but they underestimated the complexity of our multiorganization payroll and could not get it right. Paycom was also hard to reach and our account mgr changed every 2 months AFTER we signed the contract. Be wary of them if you choose them, and be sure of your options to leave if you have to.
We moved withing 8 months to ADP. ADP handles the complexity better. (So we had three payroll systems in that year - our old Shelby, Paycom, and ADP.
If you use ADP, make a plan and spend the effort and time to actually use all their features. Online time off, vacation tracking, and w-2s are great, but it will take some serious effort to get there. We are still working on it after 4 years. We can’t get the time to make all the conversions from internal systems to truly take advantage of ADP’s breadth of services.

Colin, by HR solutions do you mean payroll processing or something more extensive? We use Intuit for payroll processing, since we use QuickBooks Online solution for our accounting. We use BambooHR for most other HR functions like: recruiting, employment, onboarding/offboarding, training, time off, leaves, sick time, goals/objectives, performance reviews, and employee feedback.