HR Staff Goal Tracking

We have been using the application to track staff goals and performance reviews from LifeChurch. They are discounting their system. What are you using in this area? Most of the offerings out their look very expensive even at non-profit discount pricing.



Matthew, we have been using BambooHR and love it! It does a lot more than goals and reviews, it’s an entire HR system. We’re fans of all of BambooHR. They really do a good job of customizing it for your environment, though there hasn’t been a lot of customizing we’ve needed. The system is really well put together. However, when you need it they implement in days, not months or years.
As far as the goals and performance system. They make it really easy for a manager and staff member to put together appropriate goals, track them, give progress on them and evaluate them. They also evaluate how the manager and organization is doing in the eyes of the staff. Everything has email prompts and alerts to keep everything on track.

I had some very specific requests from our HR team about how they wanted our new Reviews to work, so we ended up quickly putting something together in Knack a year or so ago that has worked pretty well. But hoping to move that to Microsoft Forms/SharePoint OR a combination with MS PowerApps.