How to take ownership of an Office365 Sharepoint team

I’m the Global admin for Office 365. i’ve noticed that anyone from our organization can create an office 365 team site/group. I’ve also noticed that the Global admin doesn’t have access to those team sites created by other users. I was looking at the site management page and noticed all of the sites that have been created. We have some that need to be deleted (because the owner has left the staff) and I can’t because apparently by default the GA doesn’t have ownership of those groups.

Have you tried adding yourself as the group owner in ?

This is a good video on managing groups

This is also a good help article on setting up security groups to manage who can create a group.

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my apologies. i did add myself as a group owner but didn’t wait long enough for the changes to trickle down. it worked. I’m not used to waiting for changes. thanks for the links. they will be most useful.