How To Setup GPU WVM in Azure?

So we need to setup a gpu wvm in Azure. Its purpose is to run Adobe CC( premiere pro, after effects, audition) for one user(me) and maybe another vm for another person. We have the Adobe teams licensing so that part is covered. We also are a nonprofit with Microsoft 365 with $3500 Azure credits.
When I was researching, I ran into a couple of concepts that kinda makes sense but I do not know how to go about it.

  1. Azure Storage to create “permanent” premium ssd for vm
  2. Windows 10 Enterprise Licensing
  3. Region with the most cost effective GPU- I don’t want to use up the $3500 in 2 months.

If there is anything else I am missing please let me know.

I haven’t done the setup you’re asking for. But here’s what I know based on your request and my experience:

  • When configuring your vim you need to choose one that supports premium ssd storage
  • When configuring storage, make sure it’s premium ssd. I haven’t done it, but I think you can also create a storage ssd so that it can be moved to a different vim
  • You’ll be paying whatever price MS charges. So you can do the math on what it costs to run. Keep in mind it could be turned off when not in use, and therefore not burning spend at that time.