Help identifying odd cable

I have a cable I can’t identify. It is a standard USB on connector A. Connector B (the D-shaped end) looks normal until you look directly at the end. It appears to require 4 tiny pins instead of 1 large pin. I can’t figure out what this cable connects to.


Confused in Erie, Pennsylvania

Can you share an image of the cable?

Until USB3, pretty much all USB connectors had 4 conductors, so not sure what you mean by the one large pin?

I also agree a picture would be helpful. Here’s a list of some standard USB connectors and what they look like:

I have pictured a traditional USB which has space for one large square-ish pin. This is the same USB connector I’ve used on printers and scanners all around this building. The USB cable I am having trouble identifying will only accommodate 4 very small pins. I can’t for the life of me figure out what it’s for.

I believe that middle piece you’re seeing, is a female connector that broke off inside.

What happens if you take needle-nose pliers to gently try and remove the plastic piece from the middle of the connector you have?

I don’t think so. It looks to be manufactured that way. It doesn’t move even a little.