Google Requiring All Legacy 'G Suite Free Edition' Users to migrate to Paid Workspace Plans

Effective July 1, 2022

Are you affected (organizationally or personally)? What are your plans? Will try and collect relevant vendor offers and whatnot here as well.

Well shoot. I’ve been riding that train on my personal domain for a decade. I guess I’m looking into paying for it or other options.

I’m assuming a bunch of domains moving is going to be an annoyance for me here on the forum too… Between abandoned emails and dealing with new delivery targets.

FYI: (and Outlook Premium) don’t tend to accept mail from here, same with most OATH/Verizon/Yahoo services.

I definitely have some work to do or money to spend on the personal domain front. I have one domain there that runs mail/identity for a few family members and their Chromebooks.

Some services like YouTube and identity are also provided with Cloud
Identity Free but that would probably suck for a Chromebook user.

This would not affect schools, since they use the free Fundamentals Edition, or one of the paid enhanced feature ones.
I do not think this affects personal accounts, only free ones for organizations. Many churches did not use the non profit free version since they would object philosophically to some of the requirements.
Those affected could take a look at Office 365 as an option for a collaborative suite.

Uh oh!

I am most concerned about what this means for websites that use my Google Identity. I know @codatory mentioned Cloud Identity Free… is there a way to convert mailboxes to Cloud Identity Free?

I was already considering moving my mailboxes to a non-Google paid service and leaving my account active for identity purposes, but don’t like the idea of having a firm deadline (I recognize I was riding a legacy product for free that never had to be free).

Since I can’t get support until after I pay to upgrade, I’m not sure what to do to maintain existing identities that use Google authentication with my domain…

Support is expected to be available to free users in the coming
days/weeks (probably around whenever they start sending the emails out).
Anyway, I actually just migrated my domain off of gSuite
while keeping the identity portion and it was super easy.

* Create the free Cloud Identity subscription
* Assign the license to user(s)
* Remove the mailbox license

Obviously concurrent to that you need to do something with the rest of
your data/email, but the process to switch to Cloud Identity is super
easy. I use it a bunch because it’s the best supported SSO solution
around that allows easy and convenient MFA but almost everything will
let you recover your account to a user/password setup with just a
confirmation email.

So much is connected to this account… really makes me dislike google…

While the loss of the email host I’ve preferred for more than a dozen years stinks, it is really the face that I’ll lose my entire Youtube presence that hurts the most. LOL


Our church email is hosted on the free G Suite. So yeah…not sure what to do. Will be proposing O365 or paid version of Google Workspace. Crunching numbers and will be discussing next week in a meeting. :slightly_frowning_face:

Keep in mind this is a specific legacy SKU. If you’re not on the affected SKU you aren’t affected by this change.

For example early on non-profits could get the Education SKU, and now there is a non-profit specific discounted SKU. This one is specifically for people who started on “Google Apps for Your Domain.”

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I’m not quite following. We had a domain and were using email through I believe our domain provider. All staff were checking email through Outlook. Then I bought a server and set up a new domain for our church. Then downloaded emails to PST files and setup GSuite Free and their accounts. Then uploaded their PST files to their email accounts.

Is there a way I can check this??

Sure thing. If you go to and click on Subscriptions if you have the affected plan the top line will suggest you should consider upgrading and link to the knowledge article telling you about the changes.

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Alex - thanks for the response. Yep. That is exactly what we have. G Suite Legacy free edition.
We are not full blown non-profit so can’t have GSuite or O365 with non-profit status unfortunately.
Any other good email options? We are not big enough for full time IT, so I volunteer.
I’m possibly leaning to O365 with a mix of licenses depending on the staff member, etc…
But I also like GSuite. I know that some staff will welcome the change while I know many others will probably just want to stick with GSuite so they don’t have to learn something new.

Further news:

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For the same $5-6 a month, I think Office 365 Business is a lot more bang for buck than Google Workspace with a lot more palatable non-profit deal if you do become a fully blown 501c3 down the line and the ability to bring in higher tier licenses for some users rather than Google’s all or nothing setup. But it’s also a big change in workflow with some cost to migrate so you need to weigh all those costs against the actual cost of the tool.

I’d really struggle to suggest any organization go to an email-only offering at this day in age, but there are plenty available for really cheap if that’s what you gotta do.

I’m looking for a way to host my email that allows me to have multiple aliases per mailbox, use those + modifiers (i.e. chris+test@domain.tld), and ideally have some form of junk mail filtering.

I have a feeling I may wind up temporarily hosting my own email on a VPS until I can find a good landing place.

My biggest issue is I need a minimum of 4 mailboxes with about 8 aliases on one of them, as well as the + modifiers. I have a family O365 account and the user accounts are all on this domain, but unfortunately the outlook mail offered by family O365 accounts doesn’t support aliases, otherwise that would have been my preferred route.

I’m actually considering namecheap’s email service if I can confirm it supports “plus sign emails” (really need to find the proper name for that), given 5 mailboxes with unlimited aliases and spam filtering is < $50/year.

I’ve settled on moving my family over to some basic POP/IMAP accounts that, somewhat ironically, come along with the VPS I host my mail on… It’ll probably be fine, they aren’t heavily used mailboxes. I think I get 5-6 mails/day over there and the total mail volume is <10 /day.

The term you’re looking for is the very clever “Plus Addressing.” It’s pretty broadly supported.

Alternative services you might also look into:
Zoho Mail
ionos (note, their pricing is strange, and mailboxes are included with other offerings and such)
Whatever cheap web host you already have?

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All 3 of those look decent, I’m most attracted to MXRoute’s price and flexibility, but Zoho may have more of the groupware features I’m used to. Thanks again for sharing these, that helps a lot!

I don’t get a ton of mail, but these are addresses I’ve had for 17+ years and they are tied to so many services I still use. I’m mainly hoping I can add unlimited aliases in Zoho Mail and can use plus addressing, if so they may be the winner. A G-Suite migration tool makes it even more attractive.