Google AdWords / PPC Marketing Vendor Recommendations?

Hi Folks,

I’m in the process of looking at different vendors who manage Google AdWords and other similar PPC, etc. ventures. Wondering if anyone is using anyone they particularly like? I’ve done the work myself for some campaigns, but strapped on time, so looking to outsource, but want something quality.


Missional Marketing (Gdirect) is a CITN partner. They did an online ad campaign for Easter for us. It was geotargeted to help raise awareness of our campus launch in Canton, IL. Basically, the ad ran in Canton and surrounding communities, and for each community the ad said “Hello [insert town name]!” with some info about service times. I’m not on the Communications side of things so I don’t know have any direct experience working with them, but our team seemed very happy working with them.

I do AdWords for a couple of churches, including my own. Would be happy to have a discussion on what you’re looking for? (e.g. under Google non-profit or direct ad spend, etc.)