Giving Platform Evaluation

I am in the midst of evaluating SecureGive, Push Pay and Tithely for their giving platform. Any experience or feedback about their services?

We’ve been using for a couple of years now. I’ve been extremely happy with them. Their pricing is very competitive and they have all the features we need. Their customer service is top notch and they’re constantly working on expanding their offerings.

I’ve looked into Push Pay. They look nice, but their service was out of our price range and suited our needs just as well.

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We use as well and also have been happy with the service.

We use Simple Donation. We are a Rock shop and it integrates well. Taylor is great to deal with.

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We use Push Pay and it is ok but support isn’t amazing and pricing is pretty steep. If they were the same price as I’d probably still go with OnlineGiving myself based on support and functionality. Back when I evaluated SecureGive they were closer to the top of my list, but I don’t have any actual experience with them or Tithely.

Most OnlineGiving customers seem to be fans of them, which is why I mentioned them, but I don’t have firsthand experience with them either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We’ve used Pushpay for a couple of years. It’s very easy and I like the reports. We also love their “Events” feature to sign up and pay for, well… events. However, it is very expensive, depending on how many features you add. There is a yearly fee along with all the monthly charges. Customer service can be very poor at times.

My question would be, who do you use for your Church DB Software? Do they have an option. We converted from ACS People with Vanco to Realm with Vanco, and have been pleased.

We are beginning to rollout What would you like to know about our experience so far?

We’ve used SecureGive & Kindrid for many years, but have moved to

OG has a lot more features (online, text, kiosks, app, Facebook, etc.) and great support, at a reasonable cost.

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Been using Securegive for years and years, maybe like 10? Been very happy with them. I am a little perturbed by the upgrade they are currently rolling out because it changes two items that I do not want changed, but they have been responsive to my concerns. They are a really good company.

Thank you for the many feedback.

For ACH, is it a popular option for church members?

ACH is pretty rare at our church. We’ve got a couple of folks who use it regularly but credit cards are much more popular.

We have a pretty even split between ACH and cards.

  • In the past two years it’s a 45/55 split, with more ACH donations.
  • So far for 2018, we’re within 3% of a 50/50 split.
  • In the past month it was 60/40, with more CC donations.

We tend to promote ACH giving for large gifts and recurring giving due to the lower fees, but most people that aren’t getting individual help setting up giving (my church is fairly non-technical) prefer CC due to the ease of set-up.

Lots of hidden costs we didn’t know about on the front end with Push Pay. We have used them for a couple years now. Dropped their Events/Registration piece all together. It was awful and they charged $1.00 per transaction over $20 for events which was unacceptable for us.