Getting Couldn't Resolve user in SharePoint

i have a couple of test external Office 365 accounts that i keep using for various test sharing scenarios. this one is an account (not an O365). I’m testing sharing permissions for external users. So as usual when the external user accepts the invitation O365 creates the #ext# user. So wanted to reset the sharing by deleting the that user #ext# user account. after deleting it and trying to re-sharing using the account i get the error: image

How do i purge the external user account from O365

Are you deleting the user from Azure Active Directory?

Yes. it’s working this morning. I guess it takes a bit of time for MS to tidy up deleted users.

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According to the error, it seems that the user is removed from the Office 365 admin center but is still present in SharePoint Online. When a user browses to a SharePoint Online site, their user information is cached in the UserInfo list. When the same user is removed from the Office 365 admin center, their related UserInfo information is not removed. To resolve the issue, please follow the steps in the article below to remove the user from SharePoint Online.

How to remove users from SharePoint Online

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Excellent Thank you so much!!