Free self-paced learning for educators through the Microsoft Educator Center

The Microsoft Educator Center is a place for teachers to explore self-paced courses and learning paths related to Microsoft products and classroom best practices. They’ll learn skills related to meeting the needs of diverse learners, managing class workflow, and creating authentic assessments, as well as tips for using tools like Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and STEM on Station. There are so many resources, most likely they won’t have time to take all the courses, but they can plan ahead to determine which trainings might have the most impact on their students.

Teachers with Office 365 login credentials might be able to track their progress and gain professional development (PD) hours for the time they spend completing the trainings. Once they’ve finished some of the courses, they can check out the Microsoft EDU page to connect with other educators.

Sample class: Digital story telling - Microsoft Sway, which is free for everyone, can help foster creativity in class.: Digital storytelling with Microsoft Sway


There are also resources for IT Professionals: and for school leaders:

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