Free Ruckus 7363 APs and ZD1125 you pay shipping

I have a ZD1125 and a bunch of 7363 access points if anyone needs them. You pay shipping


I’m definitely interested! Are these still available?

Presuming you replaced these, what wireless solution did you move to?

Stayed with Ruckus, upgraded to a pair of 1200 HA and replaced 7363 units with 510 units

Yes. I just posted. We did an upgrade all were working. They are just old models. That’s why I said free you pay shipping. Only replaced about 3 months ago.

I am interested if they are still available.

Let me get a count on them and I’ll get with you asap. In middle of office moves but wanted to get it online. They’re yours no worries.

billsheeler at gtaog dot org if you want to email me

Ok, well as tempting as it was, I think we’ll wait it out (we don’t “need” to upgrade yet) and then get whatever happens to be the current model.
Thanks for offering though!


I am interested and am willing to take a back seat in dibbs for this. It would be good to know the count and the guestimate on weight and shipping cost to 20901 (zip code). Thanks - Andrew