Free: Microframe wired 4-digit pager display system

Before I throw it in the trash, I thought I would offer our old wired Microframe 4-digit pager display system. 3 displays and a 900 series keypad. All parts work. We replaced this with the Ethernet version due to an issue with the cabling we installed between the keypad and the displays that we didn’t want to bother replacing. I’m including several 30ish feet rolls of power/link cable that came with the new displays that we didn’t need. I’m using those cables to link all 3 displays in the pictures. You can buy a big spool of 16 or 18 gauge low voltage 2-conductor cable to run longer distances.

1 display is the black frame, and 2 are a very snazzy wood bezel. Free, you pay shipping! Message if interested. I’ll leave up for 1 month.



Hi Ben,
Its been well beyond a month, but i thought id check if any of this was still available. I am specifically looking for a replacement keypad for our current system.

Kory, I’m not at that church anymore, and I don’t remember if we trashed it before I left. @steve.mchugh might be able to take a look!


I checked to see if I still had this and unfortunately, it has been e-recycled already. Sorry about that.