File sharing and remote access

I’m a cybersecurity consultant but I’ve mostly worked in large organizations and I’ve never had to design anything from the ground up. I’m a member of a small Church and I’m wondering the most cost effective way to implement simple things like remote access to shared files that need to be edited. I was looking at things like NordLayer VPN but wasn’t sure if we would actually be able to use multiple instances of something like Quickbooks without purchasing additional licenses. Because of not wanting to buy additional software licenses we were looking at things like RealVNC as well.

When I say small I mean we have a desktop, tablet, laptop, etc, nothing complex. We want to be able to allow remote access to edit files like quickbooks or files to track contributions, etc.

Any info would be appreciated or any guides on how to start building up our infrastructure for the future.

To start, are you looking for recommendations on vpns or remote computer access? For vpns it depends on the firewall you have because some directly support a vpn to the firewall. You mentioned RealVNC, I’ve heard good things about it but I’ve never tried it myself. I’d be happy to help aid in finding a solution for you.

You could look into Tailscale…

It gives remote access for approved systems to your network. Works pretty flawless where any mobile device or PC can connect to your network from any remote location. Your device will work just like any other device on your network. Then you and proceed with any network storage solution you desire or remote into your system with QuickBooks installed.