Favorite productivity apps for macOS?

I’m curious what others use for productivity on macOS.

Specifically, I’m curious about apps that make normal daily tasks more efficient, so I know some apps I use would be worthless to someone who doesn’t perform the same repetitive tasks, but thought it might be fun to see what is out there.

We’re a M365 shop, so I try to have everything sync back with anything tied to that account, that way daily work I do can be easily picked up by the next person should I leave.

My daily tools are:

  • Alfred App (for custom searches/app launches/etc.)
  • Paste (for clipboard history)
  • Planner (M365 group tasks)
  • MS ToDo (M365 individual tasks)
  • In Your Face (for making sure I don’t miss meeting notifications)
  • Quick View Calendar (for quickly seeing what day a specific date falls on)

Alfred App is probably the most helpful for me because I’ve added quite a few custom scripts for SSH connections, RDP launches, Ministry Platform specific searches, including jumping straight to a specific page and KB search, etc.

Paste is new for me, but after fiddling with it, certain tasks are now a few minutes faster which adds up over time.

I use the native Preview app for filling in/combining/compressing PDFs because I haven’t found anything as fast and simple.

I’m not sure if this counts, but I also have a few edge plugins for routine tasks, and make surprisingly heavy use of the new tab page in Edge with shortcuts to my most common web apps (planner, my ongoing budget spreadsheet, MP, Azure admin, and a few management consoles).

What are some apps or configurations you use to make daily work a little more efficient?