Export from Church Community Builder to Accounting Program

We are migrating to CCB and are having difficulty setting up an export for our General Ledger (Logos GL).
Any advice? How to CCB churches deal with export to GL?

  • Greg Brenneman


What does Logos allow you to import, format-wise?



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We can import csv files, just that CCB does not have options for fields exported, column orders, etc. so we are trying to determine what other CCB users do for export from csv and into their accounting package. Also, many GL products are double entry systems, so that there would be a corresponding debit and credit that offset, so data correctness is verified. Logos database produces that kind of output, as does PayLocity, our HR package. CCB does not, however.

  • Greg

Hi Greg,

You will still be using a system besides CCB for finances? CCB isn’t a full accounting package.

When we migrated to CCB they provided a data upload service and provided us with fields, etc. that we then filled in the corresponding fields in our export from our former ChMS software.


Yes, we also used the data migration service. Our problem is easily exporting giving data from CCB into our Logos General Ledger software in the format Logos expects.

  • Greg

I think I see. I had a similar problem when I worked for a University where data files relating to SAT scores came in one format but the application we used to manage SATs used another format. In that case I ended up writing a small utility that took the source file and created a copy in the required format.

Ideally, the software from Logos (I have not used it personally) would include something for data mapping, e.g. x field in CCB file maps to xx field in Logos.

Unfortunately, all their support docs appear to be behind a customer login page, so I can’t do any more digging.

Have you contacted Logos? Do they have any suggestions?