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Our Church is in talks about implementing a company wide email signature. We are curious to know if anyone here has experiencing in managing email signatures for their Church? If so, how are you currently going about it?


We’re an O365 shop and have been using this for almost 2yr. Very stable, works great

We opted to created a relatively simple RTM signature without graphics (just don’t like the side effects of those, especially when replying) and it’s been really great to have all email go out with a unified signature, from any device. I asked for a discount and I think they gave me 25 or 30% off the price. It’s not crazy expensive.

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Several of the places I’ve worked have done this as an HR requirement rather than an IT one. I think that directive (coming from the right person) along with instructions on how to create a signature will work in many cases.

That’s an option, and costs nothing, but you end up not having a signature on every kind of client (desktop vs. mobile vs. browser) OR you’re asking your people to maintain at least 3 signatures, all supposedly looking the same. That has about a 0% chance of actually happening in most orgs :wink:

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Sure, I’m all for automation, but it’s often done manually. As long as it’s a straightforward signature it’s painless to enforce and most employees recognize the benefit.

Yep! But just to be clear, I wasn’t talking about automating the creation of “local” (at the client) signatures. Centralized signatures like the CodeTwo product I linked to, that the end user can’t touch, screw up, give themselves a new title, remove, etc and that automatically gets attached no matter what client sent the email are way different then simply adding a signature to the person’s client in some automated way. I agree that that is kind of pointless.

Sorry, I’m a little late to the game on here but I wanted to share what we are doing.

We use powershell to create the signatures. This is run via an Automate server. The script runs every evening. It writes the signature file to their documents folder (which is mapped to our file print server as their H drive). Saves one HTML file and one text file.

We then have a GPO and powershell script that runs to set the Outlook signature. Obviously, this does not work on Mac users. They are however able to go to the HTML file and copy and paste it in as their signature.

This is automatically done and checked every time the user reboots and logs in via GPO. This way their signature is always up to date.

Let me know if you have any questions.

We are an O365 shop and use Exclaimer Cloud and it has worked very well. I do agree with the others and keep them fairly simple. We used to have several social media links in our signatures until a couple months ago we started having our emails go to spam like nobody’s business. Once I eliminated all of the links we are back to normal and showing up in inboxes rather than spam messages. It took working with Microsoft, Exclaimed, GoDaddy, and our ISP to get the issue figured out and straightened out. We still use the church logo in our signature but everything else is text.

I’m using Sigsync Office 365 email Signature for a number of years. I like it.
It grabs all of the user data from our Active Directory. We use it for branding, advertising, and disclaimers. It is very reliable and easy to use, I find that from a signature customization perspective, Sigsync is far the best.
Give a try

Hi All,

Does anyone have a solution for this using G Suite/GMail? We’ve seen some info regarding the use of the G Suite API, but before we get into it we thought we’d reach out and see other solutions using GMail.