eGPU for Video Editors

Currently our video editors, in our Communications department, are using Mac Pros along with Final Cut, Adobe CC and DeVinci to edit simultaneous 4K stream videos. With the cost of the new Mac Pros being significantly higher than the 2013 model, we are considering outfitting our editors with Macbook Pros and an eGPU. Hoping to get close to the same level of performance for less cost and a higher level of portability. Has anyone had any experience using eGPUs?


If you are not heavily using Final Cut, you may want to consider going over to Windows. Creative Suite and Resolve are both relatively happier under Windows - and you’ll see a performance boost there. 5000 or 7000 series precision workstations well specced with some beefy nvidia GPU’s are very durable and productive machines.

On the mac side I’d only use a laptop + eGPU if I needed to. It works well enough, but the thermals of the laptop will never bring it’s performance to that of an iMac Pro, much less a (soon-to-be-released) MacPro.

A well specified current MacBook Pro with a GPU will certainly outperform a 2013 MacPro. But I would only use it if mobility was a primary concern of yours. If they are going to be at desks most of the day then use an iMac Pro… or maybe even a precision workstation running windows :slight_smile:

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Linus explains the performance issues with Macs versus PCs.

And if you do choose Macs do consider getting the Applecare.

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Summary Points:

  • Thunderbolt 3 link adds inefficiencies
  • eGPU great for playing games
  • not worth it for video editing needs, might even be slower with eGPU

Thanks for the feedback!