Dymo Printer on Arena

(Jonathan LaMaster) #1

Does anyone use a Dymo or any other printer besides Zebra with Arena?

(Collin Elliott) #2

Before we switched from Arena, we did.

(Joe Jarvis) #3

Same here - dymos dymos everywhere :wink:

(Jonathan LaMaster) #4

What model did you use? And were/are you happy with it? Our current Zebras are extremely expensive.

(Joe Jarvis) #5

We used the LabelWriter 450 Turbos. Can’t say we were really happy with them but they were cheap so if we had to replace 10 for one zebra it wasn’t too bad.

(Erik Peterson) #6

We are currently using the GoDex DT4 on our kiosks with Arena with perforated labels. I’ve heard others prefer cutters over perforated to reduce jamming issues. However, I used to use Brother QL-570’s with cutters on continuous feed labels but the cutters would get gummy and need cleaning. I much prefer the GoDex. I don’t think we’ve had a single jam since I put a label on the printer that says, “tear down at an angle”.

(Jamey Hess) #7

I have 8 of those Demo printers in a box if anyone needs them.