Desktop Support

Hello, I am currently working for a Faith Based company in Peoria, IL. The company is a faith based non for profit. They strive to have a work family culture faith is a the center of that. Below is the description of the role.

Job Details

  1. 3-5 Years of End User Support Experience (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, ect.)(Over the phone, Desk Side, and Remote)
  2. 1+ Year of previous leadership/managerial duties (Could be a Sr.Tech elsewhere that has helped train new Reps at another client)
  3. Previous Ministry experience (led a small group, taught Sunday School ect)


  1. Managing, training, and coaching the Desktop Support Team.
  2. Implementing Mission and Success, Standard Operating Procedures, and Vision documents for the Desktop Support team.
  3. Planning projects and goals of the Desktop Support team.
  4. Developing and training the employees on the Desktop Support team.
  5. Managing the operations of Desktop Support.
  6. Developing new Desktop Support projects.
  7. Developing future training plans for Desktop Support Team.
  8. Participating in meetings, discussions, and decision making regarding the continuous improvement of the Desktop Support team.
  9. Implementing IT communications strategy.
  10. Providing staffing and process feedback to Technical Support Manager.
  11. Encouraging efficient collaboration between Desktop Support and other business entities.
  12. Working with the Process team in the creation and implementation of processes and procedures.
  13. Ensuring that proper documentation and process are being followed.
  14. Ensuring that reporting and analytics are delivered to Technical Support Manager.
  15. Controlling endpoint procurement.
  16. Assisting with managing IT budgets.
  17. Being on call on weekends and nights for technical issues/triage.

 Minimum of 3-5 years of Desktop Support and/or IT Support experience
 Extensive experience in customer service
 Previous ministry experience is preferred

If interested please reply or contact me at