Creative ideas for administering a quiz

Happy holidays everyone!

We have 1500 users who need to watch a video and answer some questions.

It’s a pass/fail kind of survey

Someone here will need to know the results of the quiz.
The student will need to print a certificate.

They are looking for an affordable way to deliver the test. Most LMS’s aren’t too bad until you get in the 1500 range.

We are a Microsoft Shop so we have Teams but it’s a non-profit tenant not Education. None of the people taking the quiz would have an o365 license either so there’s that.

Looking for some creative ideas….


Do you have RightNow Media? I believe they have this feature.

Any chance you’re a Rock church? That kind of thing would be pretty easy with the free Survey Plugin, or a workflow.

I use JotForm for this. Clean and simple. Embed the video, ask the questions, send to email and spreadsheet.

Also, Google Forms has a special quiz feature that does this easily.

I was thinking Jotform! I even asked support and they were all over the idea.

Microsoft 365 Forums has an option to create a Quiz for both Education and non-profit.