Conference Room Systems

I’m doing a bit of preliminary research into AV systems for conference rooms. We have 2 rooms we may be refitting soon and a third new room that will be dedicated for our ministry school.

For the conference rooms, we want a system that works with Skype for Biz and Teams for video/audio conferencing. One room seats 8 at a standard conference table, and the other is similar but is reconfigurable to lecture seating or the conference table plus extra seating. Pluses:

  • It can also work with Zoom/GoTo/Hangouts/whatever an outside party might be using for a meeting or webinar
  • Easy switching to an HDMI input for someone who brings their own laptop. Extra plus if the conferencing gear can be connected to that laptop.
  • Digital whiteboard functionality
  • Easy enough a pastor can use it :slight_smile:

The classroom has similar needs, but with less focus on video conferencing. The classroom is being designed to seat 12 “looking each other in the eye” around a large reconfigurable table. We don’t foresee needing to facilitate distance learning/teaching, however we did have a situation this week where we had to set up video conferencing for a class session due to weather conditions that prevented a few students from making it on site.

I’m pretty sure the Logitech Group Kit with NUC in conjunction with a SMART board or similar will do what we want in all three rooms (with some slight differences), but I’m curious if anyone else has seen other systems with similar functionality. Right now I’m dreaming, so price doesn’t matter (though we probably won’t end up getting a Surface Hub :slight_smile:)

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We started using a Meeting Owl ( with a dedicated, older 2012 Macbook Pro using and everyone has been really happy with it.

Take a look at the Crestron Mercury. Just set one of these up and it’s
awesome. Not sure about the digital whiteboard functionality, though. That
wasn’t a requirement for us. We instead made the entire wall around the TV
a whiteboard and the staff love it.

Mark Wyse
Director of Technology
Blackhawk Church
Madison, WI