Color laser Printer/Scanner recommendations?

Looking for a color laser printer with scan to email ability. All the ones I’ve looked at have very mixed to horrible reviews. Budget ~$400

-Prints (mostly)
-Stays connected on the network (wired or wireless)
-Can scan to email (and adding new emails isn’t a horrible pain)

Take a look at the Brother printers. I haven’t personally used them, but I’ve heard great reviews.

We’re planning on upgrading an HP X576dw (inkjet all-in-one) with one of the Brother printers (laser all-in-one).

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You didn’t mention what your anticipated volume would be or the type of color print quality is needed.
The reason I mention that is we use Kyocera Copier/MFP’s at our main campus and they have one table top model (EcoSys 6035cidn) that does all of this.
Our Kyocera vendor monitors toner levels and automatically ships out toner when any of the colors reaches 20% toner left.
They are responsible for maintenance if something goes wrong as well.
We did purchase two HP Color LaserJet MFP 277dw for one of our smaller satellite campuses as well as a Free Health clinic we have as an outreach ministry and they haver performed very well.
Scan to Email was a easy to setup using the web interface and it’s easy to add users to the address book.
The Brother’s look good to but I have no experience with the Brother MFP line.
Hey Brian, when you replace the X576dw I would be interested to know how they perform and how easy it is to configure the SMTP settings.

Relatively low volume, less than 10 office users for this location.

Already went with the Brother MFC-L8850CDW. Impressions so far are positive. Web interface is simple and easy to use. Works great. Scan to email and setting up smtp server took just a few minutes to figure out.

Great. I’m glad it worked out for you and thanks for the feedback on the Brother.
I’ll take a look at those the next time we have a need to purchase a low volume, MFP.

Take a look at the OfficeJet Pro inkjet printers from HP.

Inkjet?!? Well, these aren’t your fathers inkjet - they have a single print head that’s the width of the page. They are faster than a laser, especially with color. And the color cost per page is less than B&W laser costs from most vendors even using HP ink (as long as you get the high capacity cartridges).

I really like mine - although I have the printer only versions. I’m not a huge fan of multifunctions in general but they have their place and HP has pretty good drivers and support.

Just don’t cheap out with non-HP ink. A friend did and it gunked up the printhead. And for once the HP ink isn’t that expensive on a cost per page basis - it’s the biggest reason to get them - a lot cheaper (and faster!) than laser.

I have the HP OfficeJet Pro X576dw, which was released a few years ago now,
and I wouldn’t recommend it. We purchased it brand new at the end of 2015.
After about 6 months we started having issues.

First, the drivers are garbage, so printing from a PC is always a headache.
I’ve ended up having to distribute batch scripts for our users, so they can
manually restart the spooler process before they try to print anything.
This appears to be a common issue with these printers.

Second, the ADF is unreliable and, just days after the manufacturer
warranty expired, stopped working completely. Again this is a common issue
with the printer. Repair costs are several hundred dollars, nearly the
price we originally paid for the entire printer.

As soon as our budget allows the HP is getting replaced with a Brother, or
really anything more reputable.

@mbroskamp - I guess that’s why I didn’t have problems - the printer only version has dramatically simpler drivers (I really hate multi-function printers) and no ADF either.

I’ve started using the Brother models; simple to use and set up and their basic drivers do everything we need. Also supports Google Cloud Print and AirPrint, all that if networked. I’ve not had them die or give random errors like the HP’s we used to by for small office cases.