Cloud Backup Software

(Caleb Stanley) #1

Hey everyone!

Looking for options in the cloud backup arenas… products like Carbonite and Backblaze… looking for a potential Time Machine replacement.


(billsheeler) #2

We went with backblaze and it’s been great for our users since most have laptops and are off campus a lot.

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(Isaac Johnson) #3

Veeam has been really great for our church clients. We had used Backblaze and Cloudberry in the past but neither really comes close to what we are able to provide now with Veeam. If your church is small enough I would highly recommend looking at their free tier offerings for agents, VMs, and O365. You will need a bit of infrastructure for Veeam, but it works great for 3-2-1 backups.

One slick way of handling all that in the mobile age is Onedrive using known folder move (Auto Save/“Protect your important folders”) and letting Veeam do O365 backups. Other option for people that go back and forth between the office and other places is to set Veeam agents to initiate a backup when they appear on the network with a max of once per day (or whatever schedule you want to use).

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