ChurchDNS vs OpenDNS (Cisco Umbrella)

(Joe Jarvis) #1

We’re considering changing DNS providers from Ci$co Umbrella to ChurchDNS. Does anyone have any experience with ChurchDNS or both and able to compare services?

(Dave Mackey) #2

Never heard of ChurchDNS before now. What are you looking for in a DNS provider?

(Jamey Hess) #3

We made the switch from OpenDNS to ChurchDNS a few months ago because Cisco rates were too expensive. It took a bit extra to get ChurchDNS working for us, mainly because they blocked domains that OpenDNS did not. After that, it works just as well. ChurchDNS is changing the name to Scout something soon, if they haven’t already. I think it was $300 a year which was much lower than Cisco wanted to charge us.

(Kyle Miles) #4

What are you doing for laptops offsite as I don’t think ChurchDNS has a mobile agent?

(Brad Crawley) #5

For our mobile clients we use SonicWall Content Filtering Client. It works rather well. Same filtering as we have when onsite.

(Joe Jarvis) #6

@davidshq mainly looking for web content filtering for all devices - those we can’t put clients on or don’t have control over.