Church landscape lighting

Hello, I know this might not be the best place to post about lighting for landscape but figured I’d give it a shot since good lighting can be part of the security of a church. I am working on a lighting project for our church, specifically landscape lighting for the outside. I dont know if I should go to a hardware store or if there are companies that churches can order landscape lights from.
How have you guys handled landscape lighting for your church?
Where are places you have shopped/looked at to get landscape lighting for the outside of the church?

You may want to check with an electrical contractor and look for rebates from your utility provider. We switched our parking lot to LEDs and it was mostly covered through rebates from our electric utility company.

You may also want to check on the NonProfit Security Grant Program for funding since lighting is an aspect of crime prevention through environmental design.

@Jonathan_Parsons Thank you for the information. Those are really good ideas. I didn’t even know there was a grant program!! I will check into both things.