ChMS with forums?

We are currently using The City as our church’s primary “social”/communication software. We would like to move to an “all-in-one” software solution to integrate other aspects of church management. Are there any ChMS products (other than Realm, which we are looking into) that are similar in that they have groups/forums for all church members to use? We really like the way different groups can communicate easily and securely- full church, deacons, individual Bible studies, etc, as well as have members post prayer requests, “Marketplace” items, and so on. Many of our members are not on Facebook (which The City mimics in many ways) for various reasons, but they are willing to be on The City since it is a closed environment. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Hey Andrea,

We are in the middle of transitioning fully to a web based software called Church Community Builders.They are a fully functional ChMS and I think this would be a great option to look at. We were in the same boat as we were looking for a software that could not only be the ChMS but still had the ability for groups and members to interact with each other in a secure manor. We did almost a year of research before we landed on CCB being the choice for us. It is an all encompassing software that I think you will like. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank You, Ryan Gates
IT Director
Next Level Church

Church Community Builder is a discipleship-focused ChMS that includes multiple areas of ministry including group functionality for small groups, ministry teams, etc. Groups have the option for discussions in a closed environment but allows church members to participate in the conversations directly from their email (without logging in).

Church Community Builder works to help churches reduce the number of separate ministry tools that their ministry is using so that group activities are not separate from the bigger picture of shepherding and discipleship in the church.

If you want to chat more about CCB, let me know. I’ll get you connected with someone from our team.

In Christ,