Chms Software recommendations

We are looking into moving to a new Chms platform and would love to hear what others are using and why they selected that product. Also, I would love to know what you like and don’t like in the product.
Thanks for your input!

Hi Marcia,
I have many years of experience assisting churches with various ChMS platforms. When would you be available for a ZOOM call?

Hello Marsha, we just signed contract this week with 3rd party vendor to transition us to Rock RMS from Shelby Arena Select (hosted). There a few good products out there, but for us Rock RMS won the deal. The developers are looking toward the future and are anticipating the needs of church ministries. While I can’t directly answer your question I see the potential for our church ministries for better engagement with members and visitors by using Rock RMS.

Who did you sign a contract with? There is not anyone, as far as I know, to sign a contract with for Rock. Unless you mean a contract with a third party vendor to help with the transition.

Thanks, Craig. I edited my post to reflect more clearly.

The crowd here skews distinctly toward the enterprise-ish options of Rock and MP. We’re on TouchPoint and are happy with it. Some use CCB, Shelby, or Realm.

But honestly, the most important thing for you is going to be defining your needs, because different churches need different things. It’s a couple years out of date now, but the rubric we developed when we were shopping is here, and may hopefully be a little inspirational.

@jamesk That rubric is amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

@mlwright I’d echo James’ and Greg’s comments. There are a lot of great options out there and the rubric is a great place to start.

We’ve been on Rock RMS for 6 years and it has been a great fit for us. If you’d like to hop on a call about pros/cons of Rock RMS based on your church needs I’d be happy to chat.

I would love to visit with you about the Rock. I have some time tomorrow afternoon or whenever is convenient.