Check Scanner use for ACS

Our church has a Unisys SmartSource check scanner model SSP 1-PK2. We used it with ACS to scan in our checks. We have switched to Realm which uses a different scanner. I would like to give this to someone that could use it. All I ask is you pay the shipping cost. Let me know if you are interested.

Hi there – We might be interested! We’ve not used one of these before – does it save time? (We’re a 300-400/per Sunday size.)
And I’d also be interested in how you like Realm?
Thank you,

Ms. Benes,
You can email me at Yes, the scanner saves time. We do 200 - 300 checks per week and it saves a lot of time. I will be happy to send it to you. You will need to get with ACS to load the driver.

As far as Realm, I really like it. It does not have everything that ACS had, but it has additional features and advantages that make up for that. I am happy to discuss Realm with you if you are considering it.

Bill Bennett