Change the like icon?

Can we change the post like icon from a heart to say a thumbs up icon?


I’d click the like button, but on this post that just seems silly.

I believe it’s easy enough to do that, want to pick an icon?

Also, here is the theory/reasoning behind the “Heart”


Looking for a good ‘thumbs up’ icon to use …

Realistically, the choice is between

let’s try the 2nd one and see how it looks in play

I’ve made the change, check it out and see if it’s better…

now let’s try the first version :slight_smile:

Hmm, clicking the like button didn’t seem to make any changes?

Yeah; it’s not working right, so I’ve reverted until I can debug it.

I like the first thumbs up - solid color. But it really doesn’t matter. For the purposes of this group I think a thumbs up of any type would be better than the heart.


the solid color thumbs up

/me gives @iamkarlp a :heart: …I mean a thumbs up…I mean a like

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You should keep it as a heart because that’s what literally every major social media platform uses.

Move to close the topic.

Facebook is still thumbs up as the default

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Only due to their brand.

Motion to close topic and not copy facebook.

lol @ the “move to close…” “motion to close…” silence :wink: