CCB + Church Analytics

Hey everyone!

We currently use some custom built dashboards using the CCB API to report on attendance, financials, group involvement, etc. The developer that created these has since moved on and the dashboards are no longer accurate.

What tools are y’all using to help chart out these metrics? We have looked into several different tools and have very low reviews so far, and the built-in CCB metrics don’t provide us with the information we are looking for.

Thanks in advance!

Caleb - I have had a lot of success using Tableau ( for Ministry Analytics. Be glad to talk with you further. I have around 40-50 different interactive dashboards and reports I could show you as examples to help spark ideas if you’re interested. Regardless, good luck in your search!

YES! That is definitely one of the tools that I would LOVE to leverage but just don’t know where to start. I would love to connect with you about that. What info do you need?

Just shoot me an email with your contact info and I’m happy to give you a call. Just pick a couple of times open on your schedule and we’ll get a time to connect via phone.


CCB had purchased a data company, I think Church Numbers. Some of those analytics are only available to someone with Executive Pastor role. Even admins might not see all metric items.

  • Greg

Actually, Metrics are leadership role driven so each metric can be seen by the leadership role that it is “shared” with. Someone with an XP role can see just the metrics that are shared with the Executive Pastor role. If you have specific questions about this, please let me know. DC