Can't embed live video on website anymore

When I try to embed our LIVE Youtube feed on our website I get:
“Playback on Other Websites has Been Disabled by the Video Owner” The visitor has to actually click the error message to launch the live feed on Youtube’s website.

I’ve discovered that we can NOT embed the feed itself because of changes made by Google in January of 2018 requiring us to link our YouTube account to Adsense. Unfortunately, even though we did that, Google won’t allow us to enable embedding until we reach and sustain 4000 hours of watched video hour per each 12 month period AND 1000 subscribers. We will never meet that criteria.

I’ve had mixed success embedding the video by clicking on the video in creator that is marked “LIVE NOW” and using that individual feed’s share button to grab the embed code. Unfortunately while that works in Firefox, it doesn’t work in Explorer or Firefox.

Is anyone able to embed live with youtube video on their website?


Check out this video - it may be helpful. - YouTube


Yes. Those instructions no longer work for Explorer or Safari users who get this error: “Playback on Other Websites has Been Disabled by the Video Owner. They only work for Firefox users.

When you google that error you either get instructions for allowing “embedding” through the video manager – but those instructions appear to be out of date because I can no longer find the setting referred to.

Or you get instructions for setting up Adsense and monetizing the site – which we did but it won’t be approved until it’s reviewed and it won’t be reviewed until we hit 4000 hours of watched videos AND 1000 subscribers which I don’t think we will ever reach. (You have to maintain that level of consumption.)

This video is dated May/2017. Youtube changed their parameters/requirements January/2018.

It’s not the act of embedding that I can’t do. The problem is that once embedded, youtube replaces the video with an error saying “Playback has been disabled by video owner” which looks like WE made a mistake when in fact it appears YouTube has made it impossible for small organizations with a small audience to embed video.

If anyone has gotten around this, I’d love to know how.

Probably down to using a different streaming provider.

Any suggestions on alternate providers?