Can I get a ride in each morning?

Our whole family is coming to Kansas City and we’re renting an airbnb house near the I-35 / US-69 split in Overland Park (about 15-20 minutes to the north), but we’ll only have one vehicle. Anyone happen to be passing by that direction and willing to pick me up on the way in each morning? My family plans to be out and about afterward and can pick me up, but I think they’d appreciate not having to get up so early in the morning; they’re homeschoolers. :wink:

Give me the address. Depending on which split you’re talking about we may be driving right past you.

10810 West 90th Terrace, Overland Park

No problem. We’ve got you covered. Me, Tony, and Jeremy Good. We’ll have our own Illinois small group!

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Thanks guys! I appreciate it. We can touch base at the meet-and-greet, which I should be able to get to.