Building Security System

Campus Ops has come to us looking to see if there are any options for Building Security in our IT area. We are using MileStone for our security camera system, and they are using SEI for building security and looking for new and maybe cheaper options. We have never looked or worked in this area and was just wondering if anyone has looked or is using a system. I see addon options for MileStone, but mainly API and other options that would require a lot of customization to work. Just looking for ideas.

Mark, we don’t have a security system but we use a combined system of Access Control and Cameras. Our Access Control system uses Kantech hardware and Entrapass software (which we then link through another third-party app to our Room Management system in Rock. We use Hikvision cameras and NVR system to monitor the external parts of the property. Hikvision is very inexpensive but is not the most user-friendly system we’ve ever used.
Hope that’s a little bit helpful…

Mark, like Paul we use the Kantech and Entrapass for our Access Control. I use a version of Alibi systems for our cameras. We used Alibi themselves, but they went to having only authorized installers being able to buy their equipment and I install all the camera myself. So now I use Supercircuits brand which is just Alibi with some modifications. They are easy to install, they are HD, IP cameras the ones I use. Able to view them any where in he world and have a monitor station in my office. There are many options out there, depending on what you want.

What exactly are they looking for? Cameras or Access control or alarm system?

  1. If access control, are they just looking for system using fobs/cards and a log of access?
    Does access need scheduling options, i.e. certain days or time of day?
  2. Does the system need to allow remote door unlock?
  3. Does the access control device need a built in camera to see who wants in?

“Building security” is a pretty broad area, the above questions need answered before proceeding with product evaluation. Likewise, a system should be chosen that allows build out/expansion of capability.

From a management standpoint, IT would maintain the system, even if Facilities uses it, and it should be on its own VLan.

  • Greg

The SEI system they currently have is for building entry doors and main office alarm after hours. The Fire Alarm is on the separate General Alarm Panel. Looking at something to handle Break in alarms and in the future possible camera or card control entry to the building.

Hey Mark,

I worked for a “mega-Church” for just over 7 years as their IT Director and we used and swore by Hikvision. We started with a smaller system with 16 channels and then when we needed more they can do something similar to “daisy chain” together. The cost was not bad for the cameras or the NVR and we could even use some of our old cameras on launch to lessen the cost. It provided all the normal “view from your phone” and “view from xyz offices” but it was rock solid and we did not experience any issues with it. Hope this helps some.

Brian S. Young