Best Mobile App Options?

Hi Folks,

Wondering what folks are using for their church apps? Or what they have seen and been impressed by? Seems like Subsplash and Bluebridge are the big two followed by PushPay and Elexio? I also saw one by The Fluid App which seemed pretty decent, as well as what appeared to be custom-developed by Life.Church, etc.


Hey @davidshq,

Yeah, the Life.Church apps are custom and native.

My recommendation to most people is, start on a paid platform. With that in mind, Subsplash is usually my recommendation. There are other platforms out there but a lot of other ministries have used Subsplash with success and the guys running it are good dudes.

PushPay if iā€™m not mistaken is just a mobile payment service, not an App platform.

Bluebridge was recently acquired by PushPay:

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Ah, I see. Interesting. Seems like a good merger.

Personally, I would wait to see how that all plays out before jumping onboard.

Very helpful info. Thanks! Meeting with a Pushpay rep. this evening.