Backup of Office365 Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive

I see where this topic was visited 3 years ago and I wanted to see where everyone is now on backing up their Office 365 data including Exchange, Sharepoint libraries, OneDrive, etc.

Have looked at Barracuda and Altaro, and saw CodeTwo was mentioned in the thread 3 years ago. Anyone with experience with these or other suggestion for reasonably priced user friendly options.

Side note: Altaro backs up their data in a EU region…should that be a concern?

Thanks, Kyle

We’ve gone back and forth on the necessity, however with the majority of our clients transitioning the entirety of their work into Office 365 we highly recommend backing it up with a cloud to cloud solution. We have standardized on Dropsuite as a product offering for that. That is a channel only product, and multiple vendors in the CITN community offer it. We have tested many solutions from many vendors and found it to be the most complete, the most secure, and the most affordable.

If you are not interested in a cloud to cloud SaaS solution I would recommend looking into the built in free solution on Synology NAS or licensing the O365 backup capabilities from Veeam to do it in a cloud to on-prem solution.

I normally insist on not self-promoting on here AT ALL, however we recently have gained the ability to offer non-profit pricing for Dropsuite. If you’re interested in that product drop me a contact. To maintain fairness, other vendors that offer Dropsuite include Servant42 and Enable.

Chris Green
BEMA Information Technologies

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How is it licensed? I have a ton of users but only want to back up email, OneDrive and SharePoint for 90.

Barracuda makes you license every account.

Veeam seems to let you choose.

Where does DropSuite stand on the matter?

Dropsuite is licensed “per user” but once added to an org you are backing up all Sharepoint, Teams, Shared Mailboxes, etc. Generally, we want to license it for all actual staff/active users so we are protecting all email and not pushing the limits of reasonable use on the storage.

Sorry Chris, can you clarify? Does Dropsuite require you to get a license for every account like Barracuda does or can you pick and choose?

I have a bunch of free Business Basic accounts for various reasons that do not use Sharepoint/Teams/etc and I would not want to backup the email for those accounts either.

You choose the users to assign to. You are not required to license every account in your org and there are no feature limitations based on ratios of licensed/unlicensed like some other services have.