Any thoughts on Thirtyseven4 security software?

I had an overview webinar with Steven and the software looks interesting. Currently I use (and am happy with) ESET Endpoint Security managed by ESET Remote Administrator. Thirtyseven4 looks to have all the features of ESET, and a few that ESET doesn’t. Steven sent me a trial that I am going to install and work with soon.

Can anyone who uses thirtyseven4 software provide any thoughts they might have on it? Anyone use it then switch back to something else?

I’m not hugely motivated about the money saved by switching because I get a great deal on my ESET licenses.


We like it, and are switching our clients nationwide to it.

We are on it and migrated to it from Symantec. Great product, great price and it works well. It has caught things that were getting through before. The management for us and reporting is also strong and it allows for control on devices both on and off the domain. Plus it is also nice to work with a Christian company.

I’ll second Nick and Jonathan. We moved from Trend Micro. ThirtySeven4 is a whole lot easier on resources and seems to be protecting a whole lot better.

We switched from McAfee using VirusScan and picked up a ton more features for a ton less money. There has been a learning curve for us because of all the additional features, but we are happy we made the switch.

Cool, thanks everyone. Hopefully this week or next I can install the trial and mess around with it.

We use it and seem to like it. Good support and its a good product. Occasionally a virus will slip by but its not often. Not really crazy hungry on the resources either.

It’s encouraging that the people that use Thirtyseven4 have had good results and like the product. On the other hand, I’ve tried to google additional reviews and haven’t come up with much. When I check av-test and av-comparatives, I don’t see Thirtyseven4 included, and wonder why. (Edit: I found on the ThirtySeven4 website that Thirtyseven4 uses Quickheal Technology software and that IS included in tests at least at

I haven’t checked the cost, but it sounds like it might be a bargain compared with other AV solutions, which is always a plus. We’re currently using Sophos, which has worked well for many years, but doesn’t seem to appear at the top of the recent av-test and av-comparatives reports.

So, some pros, some cons, not sure how to make the best decision on this one when my Sophos subscription runs out.

I think I’ll give them a shot when my license expires. My users have been trained well and I haven’t gotten any infection notifications in a long time (and I know they aren’t infected). So if protection is less than what ESET is I would be fine. Some of the features of thirtyseven4 look like they might protect better than ESET.

Thanks everyone for commenting on your experience with it.


Are “biased” opinions allowed from cybersecurity companies? If so, what would be your motivation to move from ESET? I would recommend you check the third party testing organizations on the 374 engine, nothing against anyone personally (Christian brother and all). It is a re-branded product so the source product has been tested (and doesn’t do great).

ESET is an excellent product (if not the best product out there) with an unmatched track record. That doesn’t mean that it’s the best fit for everyone and some people have had bad experiences (just as with any other software). We also have Sophos, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and a couple others and there are pros/cons to each. Being able to run any of those products though…I run ESET, there is a reason for that and it has nothing to do with $.

Sophos isn’t a terrible product but it’s one of the most expensive options out there. Point being, there are better products that can actually save you quite a bit of money too. :slight_smile:

@subq valid points. One featureof thirtyseven4 that sounds good is the integrated sandbox mode for web browsers. I havnt had time to use the trial yet, so I don’t have any first hand experience (yet), but wanted to get some views from people who do use the product. Thirtyseven4 uses QuickHeal, which I hadn’t heard of but is listed on Test antivirus software Quick Heal | AV-TEST. It looks like there is a performance difference in quickheal version 16 and 17. Compared to ESET on it does slightly woI i’m contacting Stephen @ thirtyseven4 about which version of the engine they use. Also, the windows 10 av-test report poor results for quick heal for some reason, I’m not sure why. The windows 7 and windows 8 reports are much better.

I’ve used ESET since Nod32 2.7, so know they are a great product.

FYI, quickheal is widely used in the healthcare industry and unfortunately, it’s known for being really bad

the latest perf. test from av-comparatives is out now and quickheal (v17) doesn’t do great (as expected)

with all these third party testing orgs you have to look at them as a whole (across multiple orgs) over time, you can never just base it on a single report from a single testing org…case in point, you might think McAfee is awesome from just looking at this single report…that would be a mistake heheh…there are some little things that each testing org does that affects results too

drop by the #citn chat (slack) channel if you ever want to discuss, I’ve been “at it” for 25 some odd years so I have a pretty big pool of feedback/info to draw from

I’m a little late to this discussion but we too moved from Symantec Endpoint Protection to thirtyseven4.
Like Jonathan I like I can set clients to update when roaming (We set all laptops as roaming clients), and they update from the cloud.
I also like the asset management feature.
We have been on it for over a year now and have had no major infections.
We’re pleased with it and the service and saved major $ from our switching from SEP 12.1.
Before we purchased, I reached out to Jason Lee and at the time they had been on thirtyseven4 for over 4 years with no major infections. I trust Jason so we went for it. I do not regret that decision.
The console is pretty straight forward and you can easily create polices to not scan certain files and folders on specific machines and just place those machines in the newly created policy.
I hope this helps.

Sorry to be rather late to this thread. We use 374 at our Pk-8 school and have been very pleased with it. Light on resources, very thorough protection, excellent support.
I have talked with Steve and his wife several times at school tech conference here in Ohio, they are always very helpful. They actually live about 20 miles from me, next county north.

  • Greg

We are getting ready to Switchh to Thirtyseven4. Has anyone had any compatibility problems with other software? Our main concerns are ProPresenter and Byron.

We do not have that software on our school computers, but have not noticed any compatibility issues with other programs. The only compatibility issue I ever had was the admin console conflicted with the nic in our server, so I put the console on something else. Otherwise, 374 has been great and the company is good to work with.

  • Greg

We have had no issues with ThirtySeven4 and do use ProPresenter. I do
think that some of our machines that use ProPresenter don’t have
ThirtySeven4 installed, but others do and I’m not aware of any issues.

We have had ThirtySeven4 for a little over a year now and have had no issues or major infections since switching from Symantec Endpoint Protection.
We do use it on some Windows workstations running ProPresenter and have had no compatibility issues.
I’m not sure what Byron is but I’m sure Steven Sundermeier and team can set you up on a trial to test everything before you make a decision to purchase.