Any best practices for regular ACS maintenance?

Anyone use ACS and can share some best practices to keep the DB running smoothly? We’re self-hosted and regularly run into issues w/ check-in lookups taking minutes to return data. We did something a little while back that helped for a month or so, but we’re back to running slowly. If there’s something we could run regularly and schedule that would help prevent this, I’d love to pass it on to our IT/Admin types so they can set that up.

Most every generic SQL based app I usually run the Hallengren scripts on some schedule to provide an extra layer of backup and basic index/database maintenance. That seems to be at least the minimum and usually more than the vendor suggests, and is a pretty quick/easy thing to implement.

If ACS used SQL Server, I’d be okay with that. They use DBISAM and encrypt their files. :slight_smile:

I guess call support and tell them it’s slow :wink:

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Have you run “table maintenance” from the Utility Manager? I usually will do a “Repair All Tables” and then an “Optimize All Tables”.

Do note if you do this, everyone has to be logged out of ACS. This can also take awhile depending on how big your DB is.

Passed that on to the Children’s Director who will hopefully pass that on to the IT people/person. The Optimize might suffice in this case and it would be great if that could be scheduled, but I’ll admit my ACS skills are a bit rusty and it’s been a while since I’ve tried to mess with the Utility Manager.