AntiVirus Solution

I am looking for a good, affordable antivirus solution for our staff and other devices on campus. We need a cloud-based solution for about 10+ PCs and 40+ Macs. I’m seeing a lot about ThirtySeven4. I’ve looked on TechSoup and just can’t find a solution that will work for 50+ computers. Thanks, everyone for your insight and help!

My recommendations when looking for a basic solution that is cost effective, and is somewhat modern (but not necessarily a “next gen” solution)

  • Windows: use Microsoft’s options via Intune/Azure. These are included as part of many of Microsoft’s modern licensing options, much of it available via Techsoup
  • macOS: use an MDM approved by Apple that includes an antivirus/security option. Mosyle and JAMF for example both have options on this front, but I’m sure there are others

If you’re looking for more of a next gen security solution, there are other options. But they usually won’t be as cost effective.

We use ThirtySeven4. 100+ machines. Tech support is great. I got a multi-year deal that saved us tons. Seems to be quite good so far. We are in about 3 years with them, no infections.

We have used ThirtySeven4 for several years as well. It works really well for untrained users. It’s aggressive enough to keep them out of trouble. Great price and support was also always good for me as well. It takes a little more hands on than some, but worth it for the wide range of protections it provides.

Marvin Kuers

First Presbyterian Church of Dallas Retired.

Thanks, Steve! I appreciate the information. I’m leaning towards using them and have a demo setup for Wednesday.

Thanks, Marvin! I appreciate the information!

One other question, Steve. How did the deployment go of this software for the 100+ machines?

Once the account is working with ThirtySeven4, you can either manually deploy the client, or you can send the install right to the machine. That’s the way I do it, it’s easy, fast, and doesn’t interrupt the client while they are at work. Simple to use.

We just got setup with Sentinel One and are very happy with it. Seems to work well, and provides a great balance between ease of use, and deep data. Hands down best experience I’ve had with any AV software.

MBS is working with PAX8 to get licenses at a significant discount. And they got us up and running with ease.