Anti-Virus software for Mac

Just seeing what people are using for Macs. Would love to have centralized console. Seeing if anyone is using ThirtySeven4 for Macs, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, AVG, or any other software on your Macs? Any performance issues?


Sadly,on Macs we’ve found all AV to cause a noticeable hit due to disk I/o. With that said, we consider it non-optional. We’ve used Thirtyseven4, bitdefender, and ESET.

For churches, you can’t beat the pricing of Thirtyseven4. And Stephen and his team are great. Due to our complexity and some other reasons, we are currently using bitdefender. I think both of those are great solutions that are definitely worth exploring,

We use ThirtySeven4 and haven’t had any complaints.

Eset for us. Doesn’t seem to cause complaints and recent models with ssd do fine performance-wise.

We use ThirtySeven4. For the most part, seems to work smoother on Mac than PC.

We use Thirtyseven4, but only for virus protection since the other options (web and email security) are covered by other services (SonicWALL for web, and Barracuda for email), and slow things down dramatically. With only virus protection turned on, it is very efficient.

Both Windows and Mac are on Webroot. Our performance with Webroot has been really good. Bitdefender was a tad nasty and a lot of end users had performance complaints related to it, but I can’t speak for the newest versions. I wouldn’t do Kaspersky, it’s a perfectly solid AV as far as I have worked with it, but given it is barred from government use now, I consider it a serious liability to deploy it; the last thing I’d ever want to do is try to defend my use of Kaspersky in a courtroom because there isn’t a jury out there that couldn’t be made to view using it as a horrifically negligent choice.

We switched from ESET to Sophos (Sophos Cloud with Intercept X). ESET was causing major issues on current versions of macOS. After purchasing Intercept X, Sophos has made some major iterations and are now a much more lightweight next-gen endpoint protection. They still have non profit pricing that was pretty competitive for us. We have been running for several months now and had zero performance issues on PC or Mac. Highly recommend.