Agreements with mailing houses pertaining to destruction contact list

We work with a couple of mailing house for delivery of large mailings.

  1. Christmas cards
  2. Invitations to a major ball each spring
  3. Delivery of our annual appeal reminder letters
  4. Thank you letters for our fundraising efforts.

Does anyone have a formal agreements in place with mailing houses pertaining to destruction mailing lists upon completion of the job?

We’d like verbiage that would dictate WHEN the data would be destroyed/deleted that includes a stipulation that all records in all forms must be properly destroyed.

Does anyone have any such agreement?

I’ve sent large mailing lists (sometimes 35,000+) directly to printers to do bulk mailings. Never had any evidence of the list being abused, so never felt the need for an agreement like that. But, I suppose you could ask that they destroy all copies of the mailing list once they’re in the mail.

If they run the list through an address update service (which they should do for bulk; it pulls some undeliverables and updates recent changes) be sure to ask for a report of those changes so you can update your database.