Adobe CC on Macs & Office 365

Our church uses Office 365 for document collaboration & almost everyone has completely transitioned smoothly away from the former SMB shares quite some time ago. However, a couple of departments spend most of their time in Adobe Creative Cloud on Macs and have not transitioned quite so easily. That said, they do frequently need to collaborate & interact with the departments who have fully made the transition & we are trying to smooth over the rough edges.

I’d love to know, what have been others’ experiences with similar environments? Have you learned anything that might be beneficial to the rest of us? Thanks, everyone. I look forward to your insights.

I’m interested in this as well since we’re using both services and I need to make some improvements. Can you describe the challenge a bit more, like are you using Sharepoint, and are the Creative Cloud users utilizing the Creative Cloud web portal for conversations/comments, or just the local Creative Cloud app for file synchronization?

If they are syncing the files locally with Creative Cloud, could they replace that functionality by using OneDrive for Business, and sync with your Team Site document libraries? Basically, what is Adobe giving them that Office365 is not?

Thanks for your response. To clarify, this is more about the files & less about the applications. These departments absolutely rely every day on the applications that come as a part of Adobe CC. Other departments do not. The departments using primarily Macs will frequently be pointed at SharePoint libraries that other departments have shared with them; they also have their own site collections & libraries available to them within our organization. Everyone in our environment has access to OneDrive & SharePoint libraries.

As a temporary workaround, for the last six months or so, we have had a server set up with the OneDrive client that then shares the synced libraries as a single SMB share so that they can connect & function normally while not filling up each of their own Mac’s hard drives with an exact replica of mostly irrelevant files. While this does work, there are some limitations, but for now it has been the closest to ideal that we can come.

For the moment we’re just brainstorming, but I do appreciate your taking the time to respond.