Adding shortcuts to finder favories in High Sierra

I am looking to add to desktop and downloads shortcuts to finder via script (The reason is after I do a folder redirection for OneDrive, the folders are gone and new shortcuts need to be made). I had it working in os verions prior to High Sierra with this command: Sudo /usr/bin/sfltool add-item file:///users/$loggedInUser/Desktop. Then the add-item option was removed in High Sierra.
After researching, I found that It could be done with Plistbuddy. I could use some help with how to format the command. (From what I read, the plist is in the users folder, /Users/username/Library/Application\ Support/ )

We simply drag and drop the folder into the sidebar, and it sticks. If the location is on a network share, you can use my Mac MountVolumes script available for download at

Thanks Nick. The script for mounting looks good. I am looking for a way to script the folder shortcuts rather than have the user do the drag and drop.