A letter from Tech Ops to the whole staff - More than Firefighters

I’m just bragging a little on my staff with this post. Out of the blue Roosevelt (Our IT Specialist and overall IT superhero) sent out the following email to the staff which shares what we’ve been thinking for years in a way I was never able to clearly articulate:

Subject: More than Firefighters :fire:

Hello fellow Co-Laborers in Christ,

On behalf of Tech Ops, I wanted to reach out to you all to share about our mission and vision in Tech Ops. We truly believe that we have been called to reach this world for Christ, through our gifts of tech-savviness. Our mission is to inspire joy through what we do. With that being our driving force, we strive towards being the most innovative, rewarding, and effective Calvary problem solving team. With our specific roles, we aim to work with our technological solutions to help you achieve your goals.

With that being said, we believe we aren’t here just to put out fires when it comes to our support side of Tech Ops. We love being there for you when you’re wanting to come up with an easier way of doing something. We get a kick out of showing you shortcuts on your respective computer operating system (Mac or PC). Finally, we love hearing how you are using the tools that we help manage.

You can always email us with your problems. However, we also want to help you do your job better. Feel free to email us at (our help desk email) with your tech successes or failures. By doing this, you help us do our jobs better. We are here for YOU! There are no questions that you ask or statements you make that we think to ourselves, “that was a dumb!”. We are so thankful for you and all that you do for the kingdom!


We’ve gotten a really positive response from the staff, and I feel like more people understand what we’re about better after reading the email.