8x Dell (SonicWall) SonicPoint N2's for sale

Hey Guys, wanted to post these here before going to ebay; I know a lot of y’all run SonicWalls.

Upon looking, I believe $30 per AP to be fair (didn’t look closely, open to discussion), but if you wanted all 8, I’d be willing to flex on that more. You tell me how you want it shipped and pay for that also.

Nothing special, just eight SonicPoint N2 access points. They were in use for slightly less than three years, and are in good shape. I’m happy to provide warranty sticker pictures and serial numbers upon request. Replaced them with Meraki, got them for a really fair price ourselves (I’m a reseller), not trying to make any money on these.

Hi there,hope this email finds u well.My name is khalpha an IT in NACOPHA in Tanzania,we have just received these ap (second hand from another organization recently just closed) and am having problems configuring it i was hoping if you would help me out with some tips on how to do it as i have struggled on the net still no good news to me