365 Backup - Barracuda, N-Able, Metallic, etc.

We are looking at different cloud backup for 365. Barracuda is one option but N-Able and Metallic also look appealing. What are you using or are you not using anything?

We are using Veeam which is local not cloud. I wish I could afford Barracuda. I wish their pricing wasn’t all or nothing because I really don’t need to back up everyone. Because I am not backing everyone up, it needs hand holding. I have to be sure to add new employees and remove old. I also have to make sure I catch new SharePoint stuff (Planner, o365 groups, teams, sharepoint sites) I’ve resolved to reviewing SharePoint sites once a month to be sure I’ve got everything.

We partnered with Dropsuite for cloud to cloud backup and prefer it over the other solutions out there. (We evaluated a LOT of them.) Pricing is great and protects everything.

For our clients that don’t want a cloud to cloud option we have many that are using the M365 backup built into Synology to replicate a local copy of data. We also support quite a few using Veeam.

For now, we are going to depend on Microsoft 365 to not lose our data. Some users are also storing on the computer too. Barracuda cloud 365 backup runs about $36 a user a year so the price with 10 users is not bad.