2018 Nation Conference Dates

The website (http://churchitnetwork.com/) lists the 2018 National Conference dates as October 2-4. That is a Tuesday through Thursday. Since the national conferences have never been a Tuesday through Thursday, I just wanted to confirm those dates.

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Yes Craig, good catch. The conference is Tues-Thursday this year.


Thanks for the confirmation.

I guess being on the East coast, this will help people in Central/Mountain/West time zones be able to get to the meet-n-greet and not have to miss Sunday services.

Though, since I am heavily involved with my sons high school marching band, we usually have a couple of Thursday night games that I will have to be back for. No schedules yet, but lets hope for a Friday game!

The host church often sets the dates we have available. In this case, Tuesday-Thurs was our only option :blush:

Is there a hotel recommendation? Iā€™m getting things set up early so I can make it this year. Assuming the Tyson campus? Super excited for my first year!

Since MBC has three locations, can you confirm which location will host the conference?

My notes say the Vienna Va location. But would be nice to get a confirmation from someone on the leadership team.

Yes, Vienna campus :slight_smile:

There will be hotel and flight suggestions once we get past the regional events in March. DC will be a lot fun. Hope to see everyone there!

thanks I looked for this, but was unable to locate