Zoom via Tech Soup

Sorry rookie Tech Soup question. After you pay the Tech Soup admin fee for Zoom, what does the process/hadoff look like after that? How does it or how do you connect with Zoom to acquire the appropriate licensing etc etc.

Just a word of caution, make sure you can accept the Zoom for Non-profits qualifications. Many churches may not qualify for the same reason they don’t qualify for Google Apps Non-Profits. When I looked into it on Tech Soup, I noticed on the non-discrimination clause for Zoom don’t have the normal “otherwise where allowed by law” tag in their non-discrimination clause. For this reason, we just paid for Zoom Business out right for our life group leaders to use if they need to go over the 40-minute limit. Back to your question, someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding you will receive a link to the non-profit program once it goes through, but I can’t say that for certain since we didn’t go that route.

You receive a coupon code to use during check-out. That coupon code is generic, but it only works for you if they’ve linked your email address to the grant on the back end. You purchase everything annual, but you get half off. Make sure you buy everything you need up front because the discount doesn’t apply when you come back later to add more seats. (no way to use coupon code again.)